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C-2-C Project

Creator-to-Consumer in a Digital Age



Perth - Adelaide - Sydney - Melbourne

The National Seminar Series

This series of industry awareness seminars is designed to inform industry of the latest research findings from two years of C-2-C research by RMIT University, Common Ground Publishing and independent researchers. Simultaneously, the seminars are also intended to stimulate the formation of new knowledge networks between different players in the book production supply chain.

Education in schools, training in the workplace, sharing of family histories, creative writing endeavours, commercial information management and distribution systems are some of the many spheres currently being transformed by new publishing technologies and business models. These seminars are aimed at helping to define new pathways for individuals and organisations wanting simultaneously to maximise the benefits of traditional print and book products and their electronic renderings in all environments.

National Seminar Series: Introduction CG_C2C_nss.zip (540 KB)
Content Creation, Digital Rights Management Systems and the DOI CG_C2C_doi.zip (548 KB)


The Creator-to-Consumer research and industry development project is one of the most comprehensive and significant international efforts to envision the future of the book, in the context of radical changes in the publishing supply chain.

The Creator-to-Consumer project is a joint effort of RMIT University and Common Ground Publishing. Major funding is from the Infrastructure and Industry Growth Fund (IIGF), Book Production Enhanced Printing Industry Competitiveness Scheme (EPICS) Grants, Commonwealth Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, with significant supporting funding coming from RMIT and Common Ground.

An inital overview project was completed in May 2001. The main result of this work was the introductory book, C-2-C: Creator to Consumer in a Digital Age, or Book 1 in the Creator to Consumer series. Since, then, the project has focused on three major areas:


This part of the project investigated new and future technologies, with a particular focus on the impact of the processes of digital creation of published material, internet connectivity, digital printing and new text rendering processes such as electronic books. This research activity was completed with the publication of four books analysing the technology drivers across the book production supply chain.

  • Print and Electronic Text Convergence-Book 2.1
  • Multilingual Book Production-Book 2.2
  • Digital Book Production and Supply Chain Management -Book 2.3
  • Digital Rights Management and Content Development -Book 2.4

Completed in March 2002, this part of the project examined the new and emerging markets for printed and electronic books. Investigating book production for any format automatically encompasses a range of electronic services for both the creation and delivery of new products. These newly grouped -publishing services- have significant potential for fostering new business in regional Australia and for export markets. Four books were produced to report on our findings: New Markets for Printed Books-Book 3.1 Markets for Electronic Book Products-Book 3.2 The International Publishing Services Market-Book 3.3 Value Chain Clustering in Regional Publishing Services Markets-Book 3.4


Commenced in July 2002, this part of the C-2-C Project focuses on the human skills and capabilities base for the newly emerging publishing supply chain:

  • Knowledge Workers in the Book Supply Chain-Book 4
  • An Internationally Accredited University Level Postgraduate Course
  • Industry Awareness Seminars
  • An International Conference on the Book, Cairns, April 22-24, 2003. www.Book-Conference.com
Very useful overview of current situation and pointers to the uncertain future. Excellent content; great networking. Loved the informality and professionalism. Great to interact with people from other fields on this topic-gives a more balanced view of the problems/issues. A lot of information-raises a lot of questions. Where to from here-like to have the opportunity to have some ideas further fleshed out. Found both the speakers and the work groups informative and thought provoking.
Well thought out structure and good choice of presenters representing a good range of the industry. Well organises, good presentation skills demonstrated. Should feel squashed by the information overload, but thanks to the 'small steps; advice, I feel I can cope. Have learned very, very much. Fabulous-best ever assessment of an industry. Futuristic! Mind opening! Most useful, learned heaps, not least that I'm not alone in being confused about how best to 'join up the dots'! The keynote speakers provided a comprehensive and interesting overview of the territory. It was very good to be stimulated to think about learning processes, content and management strategies which might apply to the development of on-line learning environments.
Informative and a refreshing insight on the future. It is a relief to see some positive strategising coming out of the publishing/printing industry. Timely for diverse participants of industry to look at common goals and challenges with informed speakers and research-based facilitators. Challenge to conventional way of viewing publishing industry and what to do in future taking advantage of modern technology. Good speakers-good to have interactive seminars. Helpful insights re: DOI; workshops were insightful regarding various participant's objectives & strategic issues. Very good for networking.
Very informative on recent and future developments in the industry. Excellent inputs from both speakers and audience. Good to have many different industry/representatives' opinions, issues etc. Challenge to conventional way of viewing publishing industry and what to do in future taking advantage of modern technology. Great cross section from 'print' world. Incredible amount of information to think about-astonished at general conservatism of participants. I enjoyed hearing printers'/publishers' views as I do not normally have such contact with them (being a librarian).
I found the seminar to be throughly fantastic and inspiring. The variety of people and discussions throughly opened my eyes to many new possibilities. I am now considering the possibility of expanding the services that I currently offer to my (publishing) clients, ie short runs etc; and the possibiliy of increasing my client base due to the ability to widen my target market/clients.
I found your seminar very stimulating - there are lots of possibilities that come to mind.
I thought the day was very beneficial to Everone who attended. I think such days highlight the resources we have in the country and the need to pool the resources together.
Informative and thought provoking
Good networking forum, well organised.
Very useful review of key issues & presentation of information and ideas.
A well facilitated seminar - very informative - quite heavy on information, could almost be stretched over two days.
Interesting, learned new things, gave me a better picture to think about the future (printing on demand, DOI, DRM).
Good sharing, inspiring - to move forward, great information, good to see the new areas of development in QLD.
Well presented, organised and prepared - stimulating.
Very informative 0- opened my eyes to ewhat is -out there-.
I appreciated the insights from some very knowledgeable participants as well as from the speakers. Nice balance between new information and time to interact with other participants.
Excellent, thought provoking.
Stimulating - a real mental change to create/stimulate fresh methodology.
Useful to increase awareness of changes + emerging technologies.
Very clear, informative, stimulating. Good size crowd with a fair range of professions represented.
One of the most important outcomes of each seminar was the strong expression of interest shown by attendees in having a local and ongoing forum involving all sectors of the publishing and printing industry. To continue exploring possibilities for new partnerships and better informed business strategies, small (email) working groups are being formed to stimulate ongoing discussions in each location.
For further information, please email Dean Mason: dean.mason@commongroundgroup.com

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