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C-2-C Project

Creator-to-Consumer in a Digital Age

Research Team

Billy Atta is a lecturer in graphic prepress at the School of Printing, Faculty of Art, Design and Communication, RMIT University. His areas of expertise lie in Systems Management and the use and creation of Adobe PDF files.

Robert Black is the Manager, Enterprise Training and International Projects (RMIT Printing). He brings to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, over thirty years' experience in the Australian printing industry and the education sector. He is responsible for the business development activities in the School of Printing, which is part of the Faculty of Art Design and Communication, and he is currently the President of the Lithographic Institute of Australia (Victoria Division). Robert graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Education Degree. He holds a Graduate Certificate in Training Consultancy, a Diploma of Technical Teaching, Certificate IV in Workplace Training, Certificate of Paper Technology and Printing Proficiency, M.C.P.G.A.

Melissa Brown teaches in the RMIT language program and is a researcher with the RMIT Globalisation and Cultural Diversity Research Concentration. She has worked at the Asia Pacific regional Office of UNESCO, Bangkok, researching and writing about educational development projects in the Asia Pacific region. Her research interests include material culture of post WWII migration and material expressions of culture and ethnicity.

Peter Burrows has worked in a variety of management roles. He teaches 'Managing Change' and 'Organisational Culture and Politics' at RMIT University and provides change management consulting services for several large companies. His major interests include organisational culture and discourse, experimenting with visual forms of communication, the philosophical and historical underpinnings of managing in organisations, and current management practice.

Michael Coburn is currently undertaking a PhD in the Department of Computer Science at RMIT. His topic involves the study of Multi-Agent Systems, especially with respect to how they can be used to simulate and derive functional characteristics from biological systems. He has been involved in designing and delivering courses ranging from Computing Theory to Intelligent Agents for the Web.

Dr Bill Cope has been a Director of Common Ground Publishing since 1984, and is currently working on experimental mixed-medium print and internet publishing, www.C-2-CSystem.com. He is a former First Assistant Secretary in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs. His academic research and writing crosses a number of disciplines, including history, education and sociology; and examines themes as varied as Australian immigration, workplace change and literacy learning. His most recent books, written jointly with Mary Kalantzis, are A Place in the Sun: Re-creating the Australian Way of Life (HarperCollins, Sydney, 2000), Productive Diversity (Pluto Press, Sydney, 1998) and White Man Dreaming: A History of Australian Nation Making (Pluto Press, Sydney, forthcoming in 2001). He has also recently edited a collection, with Mary Kalantzis, Multiliteracies: Literacy Learning and the Design of Social Futures, Routledge, London, 2000.

Robert Dunn is a teacher/lecturer of printing machining at RMIT Printing. He has forty eight years experience in the Australian printing industry and the education sector, covering a broad spectrum of printing disciplines such as letterpress, lithography, flexography and narrow web label printing. Robert graduated from (GIAE) Monash University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He also holds a Certificate of Technical Teaching, a Diploma of Technical Teaching, a Senior RPL Assessors Certificate and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Martin Fathers is Head of the Disability Liaison Unit at RMIT.

Robin Freeman has fifteen years experience editing and publishing both general trade titles and educational products. She is currently publisher for Common Ground Publishing, with responsibility for a list of trade, academic and professional titles.

Dr Karin Geiselhart is a Post Doctoral Research Fellow in Electronic Commerce at RMIT University. Prior to that she completed a PhD on the application of new technologies to democratic policy processes. She was also a public affairs officer in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, and has taught at both secondary and tertiary levels. She has worked in the computer industry and has been active in the trade union movement.

Gus Gollings is a project manager for the C-2-C System at Common Ground Publishing. His work covers a broad range of disciplines, from software interface engineering to research and writing to pedagogy. Recently his focus has been directed toward establishing the metadata regimes and standards required for the universal manipulation and auditing of digital texts.

Ray Hester is a teacher/lecturer of printing machining at RMIT Printing. He has in excess of forty years experience within the printing industry and education sector, covering the areas of letterpress and lithographic printing and specialises in the area of new technologies including digital printing. He has developed and delivered international programs for RMIT and currently holds a Certificate of Technical Teaching, a Diploma of Technical Teaching, and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Diana Kalantzis has worked as a graphic designer and production planner in the printing industry, and more recently as a researcher at Common Ground for the C-2-C project. She has a B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Sydney, a Graduate Diploma in Communications from VUT and is currently completing an MBA at RMIT with a focus on project management in the IT industry.

Associate Professor Terry Laidler (BA Hons, LLB) is Director of the Centre for International Research in Communication and Information Technologies at RMIT University. He has a long history of public service, having been a presenter on 3LO Melbourne and Radio National for a number of years, as well as working on commercial radio. He has also been a member of numerous Government advisory committees including the Victoria Police Ethical Standards Branch Reference Group, the Victims' Referral and Assistance Service Reference Group and the Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health Council. He is the author of numerous publications including works on the law, health the environment and human services.

Daria Loi (BArch Hons) moved to Melbourne in 1998 after practicing architecture in Milan. She is currently a PhD student at RMIT, School of Architecture and Design. Her research is based on Telework Environments, Virtual Offices and Design of Services. Daria coordinates the Design Studies component across the undergraduate program at RMIT Industrial Design, and works as a correspondent and freelancer for several Italian and Australian Architecture/Design magazines.

John Magnik has worked as a Compositor, Proofreader, Production Planner, Purchasing Manager and Freelance Designer since 1970. From 1979 he has been teaching in the Pre-Press Department and other TAFE Colleges in a wide range of subject areas associated with apprenticeships, certificates, diploma and industry training. John worked in Indonesia as Graphic Arts Consultant (Technical Education Development Project 3) from 1995 to 1997 and has delivered presentations at a number of industry events and conferences. He holds a BEd (Tech) and MEd.

Dean Mason is currently Business Development Manager with Common Ground Publishing. For the past ten years he was director of a leading library supplier, Mason's Book Centre, providing libraries throughout Australia and New Zealand with a range of book acquisition services. Prior to this he worked in the computer industry, after graduating from University of Melbourne where he completed a double Arts/Commerce degree, majoring in Economics, History and Mandarin.

Paul Mercieca is currently a lecturer in Information Management at RMIT University. Paul's academic profile includes issues associated with electronic and digital publishing and e-business modelling. Prior to this new role, Paul was Publisher and Strategic Development Manager for RMIT Publishing, where he led the development of online publishing initiatives including Informit Online and the instigation of Australian Public Affairs - Full Text. These initiatives provide a framework for aggregated online Australian content. Paul has written a number of papers exploring aggregation publishing models and online textbook publishing, as well as issues associated with the integration of such publishing ventures into the delivery structure within organizations, especially the library environments within the local council and education sectors. He holds a Master of Business.

Peter Phipps is a Research Assistant in the Globalisation and Cultural Diversity Research Concentration at RMIT.

David Prater is a Research Fellow at the Centre for International Research in Communication and Information Technologies (CIRCIT) at RMIT University, Melbourne. He is a writer and editor of 'Cordite', an online poetry journal. He has conducted research on a variety of subjects, including e-mail and the Australian Internet industry.

Andrew Readman is a teacher/lecturer of printing machining at RMIT Printing. Andrew has an extensive knowledge and experience of many aspects of the industry having worked and taught in areas of letterpress, lithography (both web and sheet-fed), flexography, narrow web label printing and also in the area of digital printing. With over twenty three years experience in the industry and education sectors he brings with him a wealth of experience. He holds a Diploma of Technical Teaching and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Michael Garbutcheon Singh is Professor of Language and Culture at RMIT University and the Head of the Department of Language and International Studies. He has responsibility for the development of the Globalisation and Cultural Diversity Research Concentration. His research in the areas of multicultural education, Asia literacy and Indigenous curriculum issues has involved exploring a range of socially critical practices for teachers: strategic re-interpretation, counter-construction, standpoint pedagogy, mimicry, critical literacy and contrapuntal reading. He is currently finalising a book-length manuscript entitled Appropriate English: The Business of Teaching Global/Local Englishes.

Helen Smith has been Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education, Language and Community Services at RMIT University since 1997. Prior to this, she was Assistant Secretary, Cross-sectional Programs and Multimedia in the Victorian Department of Education. She has undertaken projects as varied as establishing online databases for professional development and mentoring, the design and production of an online multimedia and print communications skills program for tertiary students, and produced an online journal for tertiary educators.

Atsushi Takagi has been teaching Japanese language and culture in Australia since 1983. He has developed a strong research interest in computer-mediated communication in the cross-cultural pragmatics context, and the use of multimedia for teaching Japanese. He is currently a PhD candidate in Applied Linguistics at University of Melbourne.

Stavroula Tsembas has been the Education Technology Manager, Faculty of Education, Language and Community Services, RMIT University, since May 1999. Her responsibilities include IT infrastructure, policies, procedures and budgetary process for Faculty, and involvement in development and publication of online materials and Faculty websites. Prior to taking up this position she held a number of academic positions in education and learning technologies. She holds a BA, post-graduate qualifications in education, and computer education and an MBA.

Linda Wilkins (BA Hons, MEd) has several years' experience as a lecturer and coordinator of management subjects for engineering and information systems students. Her PhD topic is a study of Management Issues in Implementing Electronic Commerce. She has presented a number of workshops on technology transfer and cross-cultural issues in Europe and Asia. Linda provides a regular column on developments in the electronic communications sector.

Dr Christopher Ziguras is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Globalisation and Cultural Diversity Research Concentration at RMIT. He has researched the regulation of transnational education and new information and communication technologies.


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