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C-2-C Project

Creator-to-Consumer in a Digital Age

Print 21 Agenda: Module Objectives

Technology Development

(Module 1)

• Investigation of key technology drivers impacting on the authoring, publishing, printing and marketing of books, with a particular focus on print and e-text convergence (Milestone 1).

• Scoping of emerging multilingual book production technologies (Milestone 2).

• Analysis of emerging technical challenges in digital book production supply chain management, including issues of job identification, workflow and file storage (Milestone 3).

• Overview of new technical challenges in content development and digital rights management (Milestone 4).

Business Strategy

(Module 2)

• Analysis of new and emerging markets for printed books (Milestone 1)

• Scoping of emerging book products and technologies which could complement traditional book production, e.g. mixed medium digital print and consumer-downloadable electronic books (Milestone 2)

• Multilingual business development opportunity analysis (authoring, print and publishing) based on advanced technologies, international market analysis and Australian capability in multilingual publishing and printing (Milestone 3).

• Regional Australia: business development opportunity analysis for locally based printers and publishers, and analysis of local information and publishing needs (Milestone 4).

Skills Formation

(Module 3)

• Value chain management skills kit (Milestone 1).

• Accredited Course in Digital Supply Chain Management: development of online educational content to support vocational and education training initiatives arising from the outcomes Modules 1 and 2 (Milestone 2).

• Industry-wide awareness raising through a national seminar series (Milestone 3).

• Trial showcase of Australian book producers, Australian skills and know-how, and Australian education and training in book production in the Asia- Pacific region (Milestone 4).


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