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C-2-C Project

Creator-to-Consumer in a Digital Age

Stage 3 Objectives

The project aims to chart possible futures for book production in Australia, through:

  1. Analysis of new market opportunities arising out of new and reconfigured production processes for books.
  2. International comparisons: scoping of emerging technologies and business models.
  3. Capability analyses, with a focus on current gaps in the areas of business strategy, technology and skills formation.
  4. Development of action scenarios, and recommendations for areas of further industry development which assist businesses at each level of the supply chain to achieve greater efficiency and competitiveness, locally and overseas.
  5. Creation and trialing of a suite of learning resources ranging from a toolkit for people currently working in the industry, to a series of national information seminars and workshops, to an online tertiary course in digital supply chain management.
  6. Informing and inspiring all sectors of the industry on how to exploit most effectively new book production opportunities.

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