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Common Ground

Mark Andrew, Project Manager.

Mark Andrew will be responsible for the end-to-end management of Common Ground’s project activities.

Mark is a seasoned project management professional with over 10 years as a senior project manager, and nearly 20 years experience in software development. Mark has an impressive track record of delivering large complex projects. As an executive project director for the Telstra Corporation, Mark was responsible for delivering Telstra’s first large-scale Webbased application, as well as delivering Telstra’s first large-scale customer relationship management system. Mark has also held key national manager roles in Telstra’s Information Technology Groups.

Mark is an expert in the use of innovative development methodologies, including iterative prototyping, user simulations, timeboxing, and other rapid delivery techniques as well as a published author on Information Technology issues. Mark is a Member of both the Australian Computer Society and the Australian Institute of Project Management.