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C-2-C Project

Creator-to-Consumer in a Digital Age

Industry Development Objectives & Project Strategies


Industry Development Objectives


Cost reduction

Standards, quality control

New market development

Skills formation

Innovation / R and D


Project Strategies

Content generators/ Creators More efficient content creation platforms and protocols (M1.4) • Print and e-text convergence; content development issues (M1.1; M1.4)

• New content development areas (M2.1)

• Market potentials in new book products (M2.2)

• Content development and management: rights, technologies (M1.4)

• Digital rights management (M1.4)

• Multilingual applications (M1.2)

Publishers • Digital supply chain management (M1.3; 3.1) • Mixed medium publication, to print and electronic formats (M1.1) • New areas for to seek publishing opportunities (M2.1) • Value chain management skills (M3.1) • Creating supply chain synergies (M1.3)

• Digital economy opportunities (M2.2)

• Digital convergence: print and other media (M1.1)

• Digital supply chain management (M3.3)

• Product and job numbering protocols (M1.3)

• New markets for printed books (M2.1)

• Regional export opportunities (M2.3; M3.4)

• Accredited course on digital supply chain management (M3.2)

• Skills for e-text and print convergence (M1.1)

• Regional Australia: integration into the digital economy (M2.4)

• Raising awareness of innovation possibilities - national seminars (M3.3)

• Digital printing, file management systems (M1.1)

Distributors • Supply chain management (M1.3) • B-2-B e-commerce protocols (M1.3) • New business opportunities in digital content supply (M2.2; M1.2) • Value chain management skills (M3.1) • Value chain efficiencies (M1.3)
Booksellers / Retailers • Supply chain issues: physical and online bookstores (M2.2; M1.3) • Product identification systems (M1.3) • Seeking new printed products, new book-related products (M2.1; M2.2) • Digital supply chain integration: B-2-B possibilities (M1.3; M3.1; M3.3) • Working with new value chain relationships and new products. (M2.1; M2.2; 2.3)
Content users / Consumers

• New kinds of books available, prices reduced on short run products (M2, D1)

• Information access in regional Australia (M2.4)

• Useability of new book technologies (M2.2; M1.1)

• Assessing emerging consumer demand (M2.1)

• New forms of information access through new book products (M2.2)


• Digital rights: fair use, encryption etc. (M1.4)

• Reaching multilingual markets: technology issues (M1.2)


Cost reduction

Standards, quality control

New market development

Skills formation

Innovation / R and D


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