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C-2-C Project

Creator-to-Consumer in a Digital Age

C-2-C Project Stage 3

Following on from the successful Stage 2 pilot project, the Stage 3 project was built around three modules, each staged with a number of milestones and deliverables over a 14 month period.

Technology Drivers across the Book Production Supply Chain

Business Strategy in Book Production: Reaching New Markets

Developing the Skills Base of the Book Production Industry

These three modules map against the three core areas of focus in the Australian Government's Print 21 Agenda.

The focus of this project is a bold and imaginative view of the future. This project attempts to break new ground by reviewing the mid to longer term future of the industry. It is particularly focused on sites and sources of innovation, in which we are equally concerned to examine opportunities for small to medium companies and organisations, as well as for the main players.


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