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C-2-C Project

Creator-to-Consumer in a Digital Age

Stage 3 Aims

The primary aim of Stage 3 of the C-2-C project is to build a framework which enables the Australian Book Production Industry to become more efficient and competitive on the international stage.

This project aims:

  1. To promote innovation and the implementation of new business ideas and new technologies in Australian book production.
  2. To provide leadership for the formation of new business models, and particularly models which rethink the book production supply chain in the light of developments in the 'digital economy'. The particular focus will be new forms of supply chain configuration and management.
  3. To engage Australian companies in the print production supply chain with export possibilities, particularly in markets in the Asia-Pacific region.
  4. To assist in the creation of efficiencies, within the enterprise and across the supply chain which enhance the profitability of short run production and small publishing programs; and which enable all small and medium sized organisations to be more profitable, thus maintaining the diverse and distributed nature of the industry.
  5. To educate, inform and train current members of the industry in the emerging dynamics of the digital supply chain: commercial (e-commerce); content management (file storage, transfer; IP management); and production process management (workflow, creating production efficiencies).

This project will create a catalyst for change in the book production industry through:

  • knowledge creation, about the nature of new markets (Module 2) and new technologies (Module 1) impacting on the book production supply chain; and
  • education, training, and the creation of industry awareness through a program of information presentation and discussion (Module 3).

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