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C-2-C Project

Creator-to-Consumer in a Digital Age

C-2-C Project Stage 1: April - December 2000

This project commenced as a Common Ground initiative. In the period to December 2000, Common Ground undertook the following:

  • Preliminary market research.
  • Preliminary technology research.
  • Consultation with key industry stakeholders, including printers, publishers and equipment manufacturers.
  • Conceptualisation of the C-2-C (Creator to Consumer) model of change in the book production supply chain.
  • A search across RMIT for skills and knowledge in different disciplines relevant to the challenges faced by the book production industry.
  • EPICS project design and proposal writing.

These activities led to the successful joint RMIT/Common Ground bid to undertake a preliminary three month scoping project as a part of the EPICS/IIGF scheme, (Stage 2).


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